Spa guidelines

To feels our clients more comfortable here are some guidelines to make the spa experience much more relaxing.

Arrival and Preparation

Book well in advance so we can accommodate you for your time here.
Please feel free to ask questions about the services and timing required for your appointment.
Salon services are available for all ages. Esthetics guests under the age 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Body Treatments and Massage Therapy must be at least 16 years of age, unless recommended by physician.
Please inform our Client Care Representatives and your service providers of any health issues you may have such as high blood pressure, allergies, injuries, physical aliments, or if you are pregnant at the time of booking. Clients are asked to fill out a form to briefly address these issues, and are designed with your well being in mind.
Wear suitable clothes and be prepared to undress accordingly. Perugia provides spa robes, slippers, and disposable underwear for your comfort. You may bring in bathing attire if you prefer not to undress, but it is not required. Our Service Providers are fully trained in proper draping techniques to keep you as covered and comfortable as possible during your services.
Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to ensure that you have time to get changed, fill out the appropriate forms, and relax before your appointment begins.
Arriving late will limit your time for your next service, potentially reducing its effects and your relaxation. Your treatment has to end on time to ensure that the next client is not delayed.
Perugia is equipped with a Eucalyptus steam room available to all clients with a service, and clients are always welcome to steam before or after their appointment. Please note that a steam is not always recommended in conjunction with certain services (i.e. Waxing). If you are unsure, please just ask.
Perugia is equipped with lockers with locks. We do recommend that you leave valuable at home. Perugia Salon and Spa does not assume liability for your personal items